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February 21, 2010


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"Infrared energy at .98(+/-) microns is "holy." It is invisible and it heals."

So, one can only assume that the people producing and marketing these stones have gotten the highest quality infrared cameras and equipment available to them, and can demonstrate conclusively that these stones due in fact emit this "holy" infrared light in any more appreciable amount in this supposed .98(+/-) microns range, than say a chunk of balsawood, or a stone that's neither Mongolian nor "holy".

Better yet, can we show that the people who live in vicinity of these mined stones (or even the workers who are mining them) have health that is any way better than those who do not live by them. Common sense would almost dictate that if these stones did in fact have magical healing properties, then those literally living on top of them should be bordlerine immortal.

I don't think Wordpress quite realises what they've done here. I've got a wordpress blog, and I'm waiting for a response from them, and it better be good. (I doubt it will be.)

Infrared energy at .98(+/-) microns is "holy." It is invisible and it heals.
I love this tidbit. It is so, so fractally wrong. 1. ".98(+/-)"--Plus or minus what? Presumably it's there as the start of a margin of error, but there's no value given. This is cargo cult science at its finest.

2. "Infrared energy at .98(+/-) microns"--Energy isn't measured in microns, it's measured in Joules. Wavelength could be measured in microns, but then it should be "infrared light" or "infrared radiation" to be more accurate.

3. "is 'holy.'"--Under what definition of the word "holy"? Who is this quoting? This certainly and obviously isn't a scientific term, so why is it based around an SI measurement? Who determined this?

4. "It is invisible."--Yes, to the naked eye, it's invisible. But, at least according to Wikipedia, a wavelength of .98µm should fall squarely in the Near Infrared range, which means that one of these stones ought to appear to glow in a night-vision camera or set of goggles. Sounds like a pretty easy test to me.

5. "it heals."--Of course it does. How about we test that one, too? It'd be more expensive and time-consuming than testing whether or not it gives off infrared radiation.

Further, how? By what mechanism is near infrared light supposed to heal one's body? If that were the case, then shouldn't we constantly be experiencing much greater healing effects just by being around other sources that give off EM radiation in the NIR range? Shouldn't a red heat lamp be a much better source of healing?

Failure on every possible level. Still, at least there are some specific testable claims there; it's just a shame that they're so laughable.

Wow. Can you imagine the poor guy who sat up every night for months trying to stitch together that video, knowing that eventually he was going to have to make the little man put the hose into his butthole?


that's disgusting!

Considering that inner mongolia is one of China's poorest and most under developed provinces of China I also think we should raise complaints over his EVIL multinational company who obviously remove these stones from the people without compensating them for them! The only people driving cars (and nice fancy ones too) in Inner Mongolia are the buddhist monks (religious people in high positions are all the same). Maybe they take a cut. I think we are on to a huge conspiracy here! erhm...

Oh well those Inner mongolians must have been hogging those stones all the way through the Great Leap Forward not sharing them with the rest of the starving dying population. Maybe it just serves them right.

So its not cancer that kills you, its sadness and he can cure you with his magic holy rocks?

How could any one buy that crap? It is sickening and saddening that there are people that gullible.

Rare Earth, really? Because it sounds mystical, it must have mystical powers?

Of course, anyone who knows mush about chemistry knows rare earth elements and minerals aren't rare at all, though they were believed to be when they were first discovered.

It's interesting to note the site doesn't even claim the stones contain any rare earth compounds; it only claims they come from a region where the compounds are mined.

Why doesn't he bottle and sell some rarified air to go with those stones?

...I just got back form the site: I can't believe you didn't mention the "Ener-Chi Ionized Stones"

"Ener-Chi Ionized Stones are stones and crystals that have been energized, activated, and imbued with life force through a special process introduced by Andreas Moritz and Lily - the founders of Ener-Chi Art. By placing an Ionized Stone next to a glass of water or plate of food, the water or food becomes energized, increasing digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ionized stones can also be used effectively in conjunction with Ener-Chi Art - simply place an Ionized Stone on the corresponding area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture.

Stone ionization has not been attempted before because stones and rocks have rarely been considered useful in the field of healing. Yet, stones have the inherent power to hold and release vast amounts of information and energy. And, once ionized, they exert a balancing influence on everything with which they come into contact. The ionization of stones may be one of our keys to survival in a world that is experiencing high-level pollution and destruction of its eco-balancing systems."

Wow. The woo is strong in this one.

All I can say is that I have been following the advise of Andreas Moritz for 4 years now and with enorous success, The comments again Andreass writings on this page seem to me to be coming from some angry jealous type, it would do you good to relax and remember that most of us are sick and tired of the pharmaceutical companies running the world, I have read Time to come Alive, maybe you should, as i am sure it would do you the power of good, i have also read Lifting the Veil of Duality, Timeless Cecrets and Amazing Gallbladder and liver flush, Andreas work could not possibly be faulted unless someone had some ulterior motive, ie. that there might be money envolved in supposedly curing people and keeping them dependent on Poer junkies.
Have a read of Andreas work, dont just pick on the pieces that you thnk are giving you food for attack, Spread some kind energy instead of some nasty stuff that nobody needs.

g. billibgton(sic)
Instead of insulting people and assuming you know the motivation of every person who has commented, why don't you do something positive and familiarise yourself with the serious criticisms leveled against Mr Moritz?

That is what the links are for - you read them, or at least one of them fairly closely, then you are in a position to comment in a worthwhile manner.

All you have done above is show again that woos don't understand the purpose of criticism. You take it as a personal affront and get all shirty and emotional, instead of focussing on the substance of it.

Otherwise, there's really no point commenting.

Also, if something "works for you", fine, and good luck, but you have no reason to extrapolate from that the it will "work" for others. It is too wishy washy. If you want to make public statements, you should check first if you can back them up.

I own a couple of Andreas books and I love them all! I used to have allergy for about 15 years and I tried a lot of different detoxes before..nothing really helped . It was getting worse until last year it sky rocket and I 've had skin rush or hives or something all over my body. I felt really really bad, it was very itchy, I couldn't sleep I couldn't do anything and I 've had it for almost 2 months. Then it was somehow ok and after my lunch "out" it was back. My doctor said he never saw anything like it before and I spent about $2000 just for lab work + about $500 for dermatology test ....with not improvement
I finely begun with "Miracle Cleanses"and it really helped me a lot! I did almost 10 cleanses so far and I'll continue until my body is clean. It takes time and it is not easy because I am also watching my food between the " cleanses" as I don't want to put these "bad things" like MSG, artificial coloring....back into my body....so it is challenging but I feel much much better and I continue to feel better if I follow the recommendation from Andreas book's.
I am sooo glad that I found Andreas. I love his work and I read his books over and over again!! Thank you Andreas!

yup, thought that was cut and pasted

sod off troll.

Surprise surprise, Daniela just posted exactly the same comment here as well

Even bigger surprise, she just logged into that site today, and it's her first comment.

Say hi to Andreas from me, daniela.

That video made me sick. I think it was the sound effects.

Incidentally, WordPress have reinstated the blog that Moritz got shut down.

see, for example the article from last year that seems to have initially hurt Moritz's feelings and spread doubts about his integrity. See the comments where Moritz shows up.

I'm still waiting for answer from WordPress about their policy for responding to such threats. I guess they noticed that giving PZ good reason to bad-mouth you is not good for business in the blogging world.

I also think it's important to make sure Moritz doesn't benefit from the extra publicity or get the chance to cast himself as a martyr or a hero. Keep on criticising the scum.

I cannot thank you enough for linking to the "enema board 'how to' video." First, I was appalled, then I laughed until I was gasping for air. The sound effects are fantastic! Also, too, Andreas Moritz is a dangerous quack. Also.

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