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March 20, 2010


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You're less coherent than ever, Dennis. Exactly how does a video about relativistic time dilation equate to atheists "deny[ing] their own life element"? What is a "life element"? And you do realize that Einstein didn't believe in a personal god, right?

You know, instead of telling people to implement comment moderation, you could just stop leaving stupid looney-bin spam comments everywhere.

I'm using that gut instinct, that third eye that we all have.

Wrong "third eye". That's your asshole.

LOL tom,


Yeah, sorry, I was responding to the usual Nostradumbass spam from Dave Mabus/Dennis Markuze, but Skeptico deleted it, so now I look like the incoherent one.

That's okay, he posted the same comment over at Bronze Dog's. I can make copypasta too.

I think you commented on the wrong post Tom..

Yeah, sorry Tom - I always delete any comments from idiot troll Mabus. Usually his drivel gets caught by the filters but occasionally he manages to trick them and a comment gets through, but only for an hour or so before the inevitable deletion.

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