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March 13, 2010


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This is totally true. Dime to a dollar they won't let anybody say this on the comments in any of their blogs though.
We can also be sure that Mike Adams will praise, cite and corroborate Kennedy soon.

When the lying gets this blatant, I can only hope it's a sign of desperation.

So they didn’t fail to disclose this factor (as Kennedy claims), they actually specifically mentioned it.

Back when I wrote a couple of guest posts for Orac, I was actually in touch with Madsen regarding the in-/out-patient thing, and he said that they had actually made a figure with just the in-patients in it, but that it had to be left out, due to space constraints.
In hindsight, it could have saved the rest of us a lot of bullshit from the anti-vaxxers, if they had used that figure instead of the one including the out-patients (not that it really would have helped - the anti-vaxxers would have found something else to try to use).

Looks to me like somebody has been watching the CRU email kerfuffle with approval, and was taking notes on technique...

"The discovery of Thorsen's fraud..."

Kennedy better hope that Thorsen did make off with the money and gets convicted. Otherwise he (Kennedy) could owe some serious libel damages - and Thorsen scores the two mill anyway.

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