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May 06, 2010


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Wow, cool.

Yes, you missed the "everyone else is doing it!" excuse. Maybe it was just the former Slovenian archbishop who dared tell the world that the number of children abused by catholic priests was "statistically negligible" (compared to the percentage of abused children everywhere), but I think I've heard it elsewhere too.

Hilarious, thanks!

You also forgot:

"We want to apologize to victims but lawsuits will bankrupt the Church".

Also, "Some people who were molested were able to get on with their lives, so it can't be so bad".

Also, "We DID address the problem. Using Canon Law. That is better than Civil or Secular Law, because it comes from G-d."

The Child Seducer.

The five year old (or whatever age) seduced the Priest, not the other way around, so what was he supposed to do? Celibacy is hard enough without the kids seducing the Priests and offering them these temptations. He/she wanted it.

(Yes there was a news report where a Priest claimed this but I can't find the link right now)

Found the link for you.


Awesome. XD

It's getting annoying that you insist on calling child abuse "pedophilia" even after having it pointed out that it's a medical term and that not all child abusers are pedophiles, most are just avanturists.


Its annoying that you complain about the term and ignore the sexual fault.

On one hand, I agree with slikts. Pedophilia is a disorder, a dangerous paraphilia, and those who suffer from it can't be blamed for how they're wired. There are pedophiles who don't act on their urges, and some even seek help to curb the desires, recognizing the danger to themselves and others. Not all pedophiles are child rapists or abusers, and not all child rapists or abusers are pedophiles (or ephebophiles, which is also relevant to the Vatican discussion).

That being said, that all deals with a fairly technical definition of the word "pedophile," which, for better or worse, has developed a colloquial definition that is less specific (something like "a person who has sex with people under the age of consent"). There's not a particularly good word for this in common parlance, and so people have adopted and altered a word from the scientific vernacular. Skeptico's meaning is clear, when one considers how the word "pedophile" is used casually.

It's not the first time, and it almost certainly won't be the last, that a scientific term is adopted and changed by the general public, and it may have to result in a new scientific term. It's not even the first time it's happened in psychology (see also: moron, idiot). It's annoying, but it's a consequence of a language that evolves and isn't bound by reason or rigid definitions.

I think it's fair to point out the ambiguity in the term, and it's useful to remember that not all the Vatican's abuses have been strictly sexual in nature. But to criticize someone for using a term as it is casually used is just going to cause you unnecessary frustration. I understand, because I do it too (and I think most skeptics do at one time or another--*cough*theory*cough*), but you're fighting against the tide of language here, and that's generally a losing battle.

I use it the way the Catholic Church does:

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said in a news conference in Chile on Monday that "many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia."

They do believe, however, "that there is a relation between homosexuality and pedophilia," he said. "That is true. ... That is the problem."

From Skep's link, my bold.

Just quoting their stupid misconceptions.

Let's also address the situation of being an accessory after the fact and aiding and abetting. Two crimes of which Mr, Ratzinger is obviously guilty and for which he should be prosecuted. Unless the concept of "equal justice under the law" doesn't apply to religion like taxes and social responsibility.

Oh!!! Please!!! Pedophilia…, paraphilia…. Why would you blame on poor priests? Don’t you remember? Everything is divine plan!!?? I am just wondering where was a god when it was happening? Which you call it - “all loving father”? It is how he loves his children?

I was missing the "yes yes, well, stop bringing this up because the church is doing so many good things" argument. That trumps everything. Apparently.

Alright you ignorant atheists... if there is no god, then HOW DOES THE SUN KEEP ORBITING THE EARTH? BAM!

You see people, that's how you deal with atheist skum. With LOGIC! Hit that bullseye and the rest of the dominoes will come down like a house of cards... CHECKMATE!

And on that note...

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Aristotle's Muse

This is my store. Maybe wearing an atheist T-shirt won't change the world, but enough of them just might.

You need to add that "it was aggressive Nazi atheists that did it!", 'cause thats what the pope wants you to think.

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