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July 11, 2010


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Yes, but you entertain me and that's what counts to me : )

Is the author of this post under the impression that The Daily Show is written, produced, and edited by Jon Stewart, working alone in a home studio? Because that's actually not how it works. A television show will usually (100% of the time) have writers and producers. While Jon Stewart is a writer for this show there are at least 20 other people responsible for the content. Surprised? This actually applies to all news shows. Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and Piers Morgan don't actually write everything they broadcast on their programs. Isn't that weird? Well, actually no, it's not. You have to be a clinical moron to believe that Jon Stewart is solely responsible for all his interview questions. But you don't really seem like that much of an idiot, so maybe the whole point of categorically criticizing Jon Stewart was just a soupcon of sensationalism to get clicks for your shitty blog. Well, congratulations. It's a year later and people are still commenting on this post. Mission accomplished.

Nice straw man,  Victoria. Where did I say the show is written, produced, and edited by Jon Stewart, working alone in a home studio? I guess it’s easier to set up your whiny criticism with a ridiculous caricatured version of my argument, than to respond to what I actually wrote. Doesn’t fool anyone, though.

Actually, I imagine Stewart has quite a bit of responsibility for his questions, especially the follow up questions in a live interview. But even if he doesn’t, even if the whole thing is 100% scripted by someone else, so what? The arguments presented were still bad, and so I’m criticizing the person who wrote them for Stewart. My arguments would be exactly the same, and the ones presented by Stewart (and Robinson for that matter) would be just as bad. And presumably you also believe the arguments presented by Stewart were bad, since your whole defense of Stewart was, oh he didn’t write the questions anyway. So since you obviously agree with my criticisms of Robinson and Stewart’s response (albeit, you think they were someone else’s arguments), in what way is this a “shitty blog” as you so charmingly put it?

Victoria write like homeopath, she does

She writes like a typical woo, gmcevoy, that's for sure. Vacuous complaints, completely missing the point of the post and with nothing new to add to the discussion. And won't reply to criticisms or questions.

It's been over a year since the original post. It seems that no one has anything new to add any more - time to close comments.

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