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July 06, 2010


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Dude... it's reLIGious, man! You can't mess with that!

Religion kinda, like, teaches you morals, that sorta thing.

Exactly, Big Al! We need that moral compass - otherwise we'd do some really awful stuff.

Without a 'god' there can be no absolute 'morality', and here it is in its full glory, absolute morality delivered with absolutely no justice, mercy, sense, decency, compassion, intelligence, solidarity or common sense.
Those who are reponsible for this wickedness (I am using a moral judgment, of course)are incapable of reflection, thought, negotiation or consideration as all the answers are on a holy book, and non-negotiable.
I despair.

Sorry, Derek, you cannot use any moral judgement.

For without religion - ANY religion - , there ARE no morals! It is the fount of ALL justice, mercy, sense, decency, compassion, intelligence and solidarity.

As for common sense... ah, c'mon, this is freakin' RELIGION we're talking about!

Common sense and adherents of religions are not exactly bosom bedfellows.

"This dry wafer is the flesh of a man who died 2,000 years ago, but who promply undied and ascended bodily to Heaven. No, idiot, it's NOT a metaphor. IT'S REALLY HIS FLESH! EAT! EAT!"

"I can't eat human flesh, for one thing, I'm not a cannibal, and for another, I'm a vegetarian. Is that wrong?"

"Tut! There's always one, isn't there? OK, I'll let you off the flesh. then again, there's this indifferent cheap plonk, which is actually, really the dead guy's blood...?

"No? Freakin' weirdos."

Jonathan Swift (Himself a Dean) once said.

"We have enough religion to hate, but not enough to love".

I've said it before: these people (Islamic extremists) are just adorable!
What really puzzles me as I read this, though, is that when critics like you and me speak out about it, lots of people cry "racist" (because Islam is a race, right?) and make claims about how this has nothing to do with Islam, or that it isn't true Islam, or that we should leave other cultures alone, etc. I mean, come the **** on.

In America, we don't get stoned, but we do get stoned. Go figure...

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