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November 01, 2011


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Welcome back!

Indeed - you've been missed.

Good to see you're still alive. Not so good to see Allison Dubois is still doing her thing. Or rather, not doing it.

Thanks all. It was actually a post I had been expecting to write for about a year now since the trial was in progress. At least I can cancel my "Mark Goudeau" Google alert now.

OTOH, it did inspire me to write another post today. That's two in a week - more than in the previous year!

According to Science: Quantum Entanglement = ESP.
2 protons met/were separated/1 was altered & the other altered by it's self far away from the first proton, which prover ESP. How, science does not know.
I don't believe the dead hang around just waiting for us to pay attention to them &/or to resolve the unresolved. However maybe it's unresolved memory, able to be accessed & continued ie; holograms audio/visual.
Maybe some people, can access these places in time & space/our mind set/our memory bank. Maybe they can hear us thinking & take it from there.
.... Mind Over Quantum Matter .... ?
Bump in the night does happen.

P.S there is also Toxaplasma Gondii :- flu like symptoms & apparent psychic ability ?
Also Shaman Crisis/Shaman Emergency ?
Scary places to be at, hey ! .....

Um, no. Quantum entanglement is not the same as ESP. Just for starters, quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that was predicted by the model of quantum mechanics and was later tested and shown to exist; whereas ESP is a vague term for any number of different paranormal abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, seeing the future, seeing the past, projecting images/dreams to other people's minds, telling what sort of card someone is holding, etc.), none of which have been shown to exist at all. So, no, quantum entanglement doesn't "prove" ESP. That has yet to be done.

Addressing the yet-to-be-addressed post (part of it, anyway, I have no idea what the shaman thing is about), toxoplasma gondii's effects probably have less to do with ESP and more to do with the fact that it's living inside another organism and can screw with said organism's body and brain. Just. You know. Seems likely.

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