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<blockquote><b>This is BOLDED AND INDENTED text that I use for quoting someone else’s comment that I am replying to.</blockquote></b>

Strictly speaking, the tags should be closed so that they make matched, non-overlapping pairs; so for your example above it should really be

<blockquote><b>This is BOLDED AND INDENTED text that I use for quoting someone else’s comment that I am replying to.</b></blockquote>

If you don't do this, there is a chance that the comment may not be formatted as you'd like it in all browsers.

So what if you want to mix tags? For example, have some italicized text with non-italicized text following it, with some subset bolded, say like this:

This text is italicized; this text is both italicized and bolded; this text is just bolded; this text is neither.

This should be written to close the bold tag within the italicized tag, then re-bold outside it, like so:

<i>This text is italicized; <b>this text is both italicized and bolded;</b></i> <b>this text is just bolded;</b> this text is neither.


Thanks - I didn't know that. It all looks the same in my browser, but I know that some browsers render differently. Anyway, I altered my example to agree with your correction, so that if anyone copies it they'll be copying the correct code.

I just noticed... in the "Bulleted Lists" section, you correctly state that the "codes used here are 'ul' and 'li'", but your example uses 'ol' instead of 'ul'.


You're right - dammit! I added those two sections later and I guess I just copied over the code and forgot to edit it. Oops!

Fixed now. Thanks for spotting that.

Off topic comment deleted by Skeptico.

Alford Vassall Jr MD, please read the Comment Guidelines

...I have absolutely no idea what that is. It's not linking a bunch of crap, so it's not spam. It's not an actual comment, since it doesn't actually say anything that even approaches coherence. What is it?

A small question, how do you cross out text?


<strike>cross out</strike> will give you:

cross out


Thanks for adding this info to your site some people really don't know how their comment should be.

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